Thom Morais, frontend developer

I'm a Brazilian developer with focus on frontend, I care about SEO, accessibility and good UX, I have experience with React and React ecosystem (redux, recoil, framer-motion, next.js), React Native some experience with svelte, vuejs, electron, firebase and I'm getting into three.js and the amazing world of shaders.

Currently I'm working at Fuerza building applications for large and small business.

You can reach me at


    Developing institucional Wordpress sites and Magento e-commerces.

  • Nitro

    Working on the platform and institucional site and creating templates for email marketing.

  • Abajur

    Working as art director and frontend developer.

  • Sporty / ~party-time~

    Working as UI developer and designer on the web application.

  • Fuerza Studio

    Working on a range of types of projects from large and small scope with a lot of challenges.